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Cleansing of Eyelash Extensions


Cleansing of Eyelash Extensions:

1. Wash your hands (to remove oil & bacteria)

2. Place the lash cleanser in your hand or in a clean cup 

3. For FOAM cleanser mix 1:1 with water, for GEL cleanser just wet the cleansing brush

4. Apply cleanser to the brush and start cleansing the eyelid and under eye in circular motions (with eyes closed)

5. Rinse the brush

6. Remove residue either by rinsing with cold water (cup your hand) or by wetting the brush

7. Use (new fresh mix of) cleansing solution to cleanse the eyelashes, cleanse from the lash line (where eyeliner usually goes) and out towards the tip of the lashes

8. Rinse thoroughly with cold water


9. Pat dry with a Kleenex


10. Brush lashes when completely DRY


** Repeat cleansing of lashes AT LEAST once daily to remove oil, debris and bacteria for best results.


(Lash Cleansers are available at Artosthetics for purchase)

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