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Artosthetics specializes in Hyper Realistic Beauty Services, with the promise of delivering a customized eye design or non-invasive skin care treatment designed to enhance your unique set of features.

A founding principle of Artosthetics was that every client walks through our door with their own natural beauty. Our goal was to provide a comprehensive line of beauty services and products that allow you enhance those extraordinary features with confidence and style - for every day and/or any special occasion. In doing so, we’ve cultivated a full spectrum of eye design applications that instantly transform your eyes, allowing you to simple wake-up and be flawless.

Whether you’re new or an experienced client, we have qualified beauty technicians that will take the time to consult and assess your individual needs. Prior to each session, we take everything into account, including: quality of natural lashes, skin tone, desired effect and more. Naturally, this helps us guide you through the process, while ensuring that we go above your expectations of providing satisfactory results. 

We provide complimentary consultations for each visit. However, due to a high-demand, we operate by appointment only. All bookings are done through our interactive online booking system, allowing you to schedule at your convenience.


Should you have any questions prior to your scheduled visit, please email or feel free to text 202.850.0350 with any questions you many have. We respond within 24 hours.

To learn more about our services, please click the tabs above to be navigated to the service page. 

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