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Lash Lift Care

Lash Lift Pre Care:

Please arrive makeup free. 
48 hours PRIOR to your appointment please AVOID:
- Waterproof mascara or eyeliner.
- Heavy eye-creams, makeup or makeup removers.

- Any oil-based products.

- Lash Serums.


Lash Lift Post Care:

Avoid Lash Serums for 48 hours.


No eye-makeup for the first 48 hours, only approved products is allowed. 

NO working out or sweating for the first 48 hours.


NO heat or steam (bbq, ovens, saunas or hot yoga etc), oils, lotion, shampoos, facial cleansers or makeup removers. 

Avoid sleeping on lashes, as lashes can raise or drop leaving the lashes misshaped.

Avoid any face washes that contain oil, as it can cause the lift to drop prematurely. 

When washing your face and lashes, only use COOL water.

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