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At Artosthetics/Art of Lash we specialize in customizing unique styles for every client that visits our studio. We offer Classic, Volume and Hybrid (mix of classic & volume) Eyelash Extensions. All made from light and hypoallergenic materials to ensure healthy eyes. 

Each extensions is individually applied to each natural lash. Classic extensions range from 0.10-0.18 in thickness. These tend to be a great option for the client looking to skip applying mascara.

Volume extensions are thinner and lighter than classic extensions, ranging from 0.03-0.07 in thickness. Allowing us to create more density (if needed). With volume we can create either a light, medium or full look, depending on the clients preference and natural lashes. These lashes tend to be healthier for the clients lashes and lasts longer, due to its ability to wrap around the natural lash. Each volume fan is handmade throughout the service to ensure the correct length and weigh for each natural lash. 

Classic Eyelash Extensions

- Full set of Classic (2 hours) $250

- 1 week fill Classic (45 min) $65
(within 7 days of previous service)

- 2 week fill Classic (1 hour) $85

(within 14 days of previous service)

- 3 week fill Classic (1 hour & 15 min) $110
(within 21 days of previous service)

- 4 week fill Classic (1 hour & 30 min) $140
(within 28 days of previous service)

- Re-lash Classic from other salon (1 hour & 30 min) $120
(within 2-3 weeks of previous service)


Volume Eyelash Extensions

- Full set of Volume (2 hours & 30 min) $325

- 1 week fill Volume (1 hour) $90

(within 7 days of previous service)

- 2 week fill Volume (1 hour & 30 min) $120

(within 14 days of previous service)

- 3 week fill Volume (1 hour & 45 min) $150

(within 21 days of previous service)

- 4 week fill Volume (2 hours) $200
(within 28 days of previous service)

- Re-lash Volume from other salon (1 hour & 45 min) $160
(within 2-3 weeks of previous service)


Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid Extensions are a mix of Classic and Volume. Ranging from 30-50% classic and 70-50%, volume if less than 30% of classic lashes are being used the set will be classified as Volume. 

Clients who wish to book this service should book for "Volume", and mention "Hybrid", in notes when booking. A 10% discount will be applied (manually by your technician) towards the volume full set or fill price.


Other Eyelash Related Services

- Patch test for Adhesive Sensitivity (45 min) $40

- Removal of Eyelash Extensions (30 min) $50

- Colored Eyelash Extensions (Add-on to full set or fill 15 min) $20

- Bottom Eyelash Extensions (45 min) $70

** Clients who have experienced allergic reactions in the past at other salons, should book a patch test at least 72 hours prior to attending any scheduled service. Please text 202.850.0350 for questions.

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